For a European car with manual transmission and the steering wheel on the right, would the shifter layout be "backwards" from a US driver's point of view?

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@annika i imagine not, since that would require engineering the transmission in mirror orientation

@annika im pretty sure from a mechanical point of view it would be the same since they would use the same transmission in theory so 1st top left and 6th bottom right

@annika From quick web searches, it appears the shifter pattern is the same in both American and European (right side driving) cars.

@annika it's the same in both places (1st gear upper left)

@annika it was the same pattern if i’m remembering the time i went to ireland correctly

@annika (like - the gear positions were the same just moved through them with my left hand - but 2015 feels so long ago)

@annika no, it isn’t (Source: been driving gear shift in both, left and right steering wheel cars and countries)

@annika if you mean left-hand-side driving (like the UK), 1st gear is top-left, i.e. furthest from the driver, who is sitting in the right side of the car. I don't recall what the equivalent looks like in the US.

Russian cars (right-hand-side driving) have the same system*, but you are sitting on the left side of the car, and using your other hand to manipulate it. I think if you took a photo of the top of the gearstick, it would look the same.

* IIRC, it's been a while

@annika that’s not a European thing, the British isles are the only place in Europe with that madness

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