I played Monster Hunter Rise for like 2 hours last night. I hope the tutorial ends soon!

@annika it pretty much stacks the of excessive ‘helpful’ tutorial popups all at the beginning. i can’t remember when the taper off but they do 💙

@june it's rough 'cause i got all this information that i could never possibly remember, but they never told me how to do basic things like reload my gun (or how to find that information in-game)

@annika yeeeeeah ...

normal game: introduce new systems as the game progresses, allows time for mastery before introducing the next, pays out increasing complexity as part of keeping things fresh, perhaps even tied to plot progression

monster hunter: popups on top of popups collide / override one another in their urgency to explain every single detail of the game's complex systems all with the same importance and urgency, and all at once

i kind of knew what i was doing bc i played a lot of MHWorld, but... i remember starting World, and that involved watching some youtube to understand.... just what the heck am i supposed to be doing in this game?

mm for weapon stuff, did you go to the training area? it's hard to find ( ) - (i can't remember if it has all the useful button combos on screen for you when you are practicing, the one in world did)

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