Computer gripe, Windows 

Pretty sure I'm going to spend all day reinstalling Windows 10 and it won't even fix my problem. So I've got that to look forward to.

FML, I'm now locked out of this laptop.

Updating the BIOS invalidated my Windows PIN, and you can't fix the PIN without an Internet connection. The whole reason I'm doing this shit is because the Internet doesn't work.


if you plug a monitor into the mini DisplayPort and put the computer to sleep, it turns off the wifi until you reboot the computer



I sent this out for "repair" last week, they're sending it back today without having contacted me (except to ask via a message if they could reset/reformat). I have 0% confidence they've fixed the problem.

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Just got my HP Omen back for the 3rd time from warranty repair, they still have not fixed the problem or given any indication that they even attempted to fix it.

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