when i read this all i can think is "why do the dishes? they're just gonna get dirty again"

anyway i guess the misinterpretation of "Inbox Zero" continues to be a pet peeve of mine

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@annika I hear you. I *finally* declared inbox bankruptcy last week after ages of trying and failing to make a dent. Looking forward to attempting Inbox Zero again but with more mindfulness of what I let into my inbox in the first place.

Mind if I ask for your favorite source on Inbox Zero?

@annika that article really annoyed a swath of Merlin’s audience cause it original included a quote from one of his co-hosts lamenting the misinterpretation of Inbox Zero…before it carries on using the wrong definition.

@annika Unrelated, but it makes me think about these things:

When I was living the bachelor life, I had a dirty laundry basket and a clean laundry basket and I only put laundry away when the seasons changed. I'd still do this, but external pressure prevents me.

I like the idea of having a dirty dishwasher that you put used dishes into and a clean dishwasher that you take dishes out of and never putting dishes back in cabinets, but a family uses too many dishes to make it feasible.

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