Local and federated timelines are core and essential features and Mastodon would be worse without them.

@annika I feel like the federated timeline was kind of a mistake, in the sense that it is what I spend most of my admin time moderating to keep it from being a cesspool.

But that's more a function of default-allow federation than the timeline itself... So I agree with your view, to the extent the default federation approach is understood to be the core flaw.

@annika personally I use neither, but I can definitely see that local timelines are essential to the small to medium theme-oriented instances, which I feel are indeed essential to the Fediverse. Federated timelines less so, and I wouldn't mind seeing those replaced by 'neighbourhood' timeline(s); basically like federated timelines, but then of specific servers that decided to share their local timelines with each other.


I don’t even think Eugen’s being malicious, but he’s stuck on this vision of open federation of instances full of people like Eugen and doesn’t want to get why we all have different needs.

@annika @FLauenroth hmm, yeah I won’t use a mastodon client that doesn’t support both (and especially Local timeline).

@annika Local, I fully agree. Federated hasn't been useful to me since 2018. Do you still use the Fed TL?

@pupperipherals Federated still gives me a sense of what the larger fedi is talking about, and I dip into it most days

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