Going back and watching old movies is pretty, seeing stars I didn't recognise the first time around. I forgot the kid in Jumper (2008) was Hayden Christensen (and that Samuel L. Jackson is a co-star), and Kristen Stewart makes an appearance at the very end. And then there's Bryan Cranston and a very fresh-faced Nathan Fillion in Saving Private Ryan (1998).

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Oops I forgot an adjective. Or just couldn't decide which one to use. It's pretty "funny" or "interesting" or something along those lines.

@Mainebot it's a pretty good romp! Next (2007) is another one that I liked but it didn't do well with the critics. Then again, I own The 13th Warrior on DVD, which tops Wikipedia's list of "biggest box-office bombs"

@Mainebot wow I knew a lot of these were PKD but there are some I've never heard of.

i might go watch Paycheck again, I've only seen it once

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