Well that's disappointing: "We do not recommend installing Drone and Gitea on the same machine due to network complications, and we definitely do not recommend installing Drone and Gitea on the same machine using docker-compose."

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I learned that the Hard way a couple of years back lol

Check out @WoodpeckerCI thou

@selea @annika

Checkout (documentation for `latest` tag)

If you have problems or need help, let us know :)


@WoodpeckerCI Ooh great to know you're on fedi! I did try to switch to Woodpecker back in June, I think some of the setup docs vexed me? I will try again!

Re: the original post, do you have any recommendations for or against running Woodpecker CI on the same Docker host as Gitea?


Well It works just fine, I (woodpecker owner) do use this feature to test #WoodpeckerCI pulls and debug stuff.

Only one reason you would not want agents running on same machine is to make the setup more secure ...

Lets say your project do need to run privileged containers & a pull (from an atacker) do inject malicious code who escape the docker container ... would have access to all data!

But thats unlikely ...

@aurynn This page:

My old Drone v1 server couldn't deploy anything (curl errors, I think maybe the old image had a dead Root CA for Let's Encrypt). I think I'm almost done with the v2 migration.

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