is your mother worried
would you like us to assign someone to worry your mother


@annika Can you organize the tone indicator card by alphabet please? ♥

@Sandra it really should be, I also don't know why they put the indicators themselves on a sub-page :/

@Sandra I'm thinking tone indicators are better suited for something like a small group chat or community where they're socialized and used consistently. Doesn't feel like a great fit for fedi (I hardly ever have occasion to use them here)

@annika In Lojban, we have them as part of the language. They're called the UI family of cmavo. For example .uire'e to indicate that a sentence is expressing spiritual joy. Of course, then emoji were invented in 1997.

@annika @Sandra for fedi the cw field is a pretty useful tool for indicating tone, i've found.

@Stoori @Sandra it is! I do like to avoid the extra click when I can (subject matter allowing)

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