CDN idea 

Stop using them

a CDN taking down your site is nature's way of saying your site got too big. reign it in, champ

re: CDN idea 

@annika at the cost of speed and not being able to host terabytes of data without bankrupting yourself

@koyuchan why do we need so much speed. why are we hosting terabytes of data. is this bringing joy to anyone

@annika i'm severely damaged by hosting all the content here

@annika used to be we called this reverse proxies and each big company would have their own and smaller companies would pick a local company that had many local sites cached, but not BOTH on the SAME company

CDN idea 

@annika public CDN’s is a terrible idea in general, but can make it easier for beginners to play around with some stuff in certain situations. Private CDN’s are great for performance

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