The Steam Deck just lets you drop into a KDE desktop environment? And it comes with Firefox preinstalled??

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@annika It's kind of a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is, under the hood the Steam Deck is just running Arch Linux. All you need to do is turn on "developer mode" and a button appears that will boot you straight into a KDE Plasma desktop.

The bad news is, while Firefox is preinstalled, it's an older version (96.0.3, about six months out of date), and by default it doesn't get updated until Valve ships a new version of SteamOS. So you may not want to use it for anything particularly sensitive.

@annika So I've heard, yes, what of this surprises you in particular?

@Aarkon I'm used to devices that are ultra locked-down, to the point where it hardly feels like you even own them.

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