The 4-day marathon has just a few hours left! Originally a $5,000 goal, they've now raised nearly $25,000.

A whole ton of great trans streamers are doing a 4-day marathon to raise money for . FerociouslySteph and LizzinLaVida are kicking things off right now!

You find this abandoned on the subway. What's inside? (Quarter for scale.)

after a long day, I really look forward to unwinding with some progress bars

tech gripe, twitch, ads/tracking 

Get yourself a union.

Pictured: Emma Kinema of Game Workers Unite.

The final counts: 7 users, 155 posts, 58 hashtagged posts.

“As an adult, it's rare to feel bad at something.” —@neauoire @ on getting out of your comfort zone in a system that often encourages us to specialize

Pictured: Rekka and Devine of Hundred Rabbits

"There are more of us than we can actually imagine." —Harry Brewis (Hbomberguy)

Brian David Gilbert is a treasure. And for the record, he owns two pairs of jorts.

Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera are possibly the cutest and sweetest people on this planet.

“If you want to make stuff, you've get to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” —Hallease @

Laura and Diana from Streetbooks talking about their mobile library here in Portland. You can even get eyeglasses!

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