My site was already pretty barebones, but I scaled it back some more today. I got rid of some images, put more stuff in the footer, etc. (Old is on the left, new is on the right.)

I have a Samsung Station (the round one) but Samsung is now selling a more lightweight DeX cable. I'm not sure how the tech is different from any other USB-C to HDMI adapter.

The retail price of $40 is pretty steep, but it was marked down and I had a 30% promo and store credit. I can spare $12 for a new toy.

Here's the Big Scary Email you get from if they think you're using their remote access software for Business™

Text version of that image:

Form they want you to fill out:

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Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&M's. Tastes just like regular peanut M&M's, but spicy.

Do y'all refrigerate your progesterone? Because uhhhh this is how my most recent bottle was shipped...?

Really looking forward to playing Uno ColorADD with my kids. It's Uno but the cards are labeled with the symbols. Can't wait to hear their take on it

Just got a push notification from the . Not sure if it's Breaking News, my Morning Briefing, or a Top Story.

Just saw my deadname on my bank statement, thanks a bunch . You could make it more obvious when these things are out of sync.

Also not cool that all the "required" documents center around changes in relationships.

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