I make a fair amount of technology purchases, and the best in recent memory are absolutely the document scanner (Brother ADS-1250W) and the Galaxy Buds (which were a freebie with my phone).

The buds in particular have so much going for them: mobility, unobtrusive/small form factor, great quality even at a distance, good battery life, the case holds extra charge, very comfy with multiple interchangeable parts.

They're such an improvement over wired earbuds and over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones.

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Possible flows for a service that redirects dead instance URLs to a new instance. You can't migrate toots themselves, so this would only get to the new account's home.

I think ideally you'd still have access to the old server, so you could do an OAuth flow and verify ownership of both the old and new accounts. Maybe you'd want an interstitial if the destination was unverified.

This connection would let you CNAME the old domain to the redirect service's domain, and 301 Redirect incoming hits.

Hey I tried to sell SingStar: Amped (US, PS2) with 2 mics on eBay but there were no takers after 2 weeks. If you want it, you can have it, I'll mail it to anyone in the continental US. Just need an address.

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