Bring back that thing where cell phones had usable FM tuners

Peat moss briquettes. My first literal house warming gift.

selling a pok3r keyboard 

Cherry MX Brown, $69 + shipping (US) if you're interested

Fair play to whoever in Enfield, NH got my delivery of 72' of bubble wrap yesterday. USPS's blunder is your… fortune.

why does this happen in firefox so often? it's just the word "of" like chill out

windows, terminal stuff 

Out of necessity, I'm doing some terminal things in Windows 10.

Between Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2), Ubuntu for WSL, and "Windows Terminal" (from Microsoft), it's a pretty usable setup.

pet loss, rats 

Lost our last rat boy last night. Goodnight, Donut. Just two girls left.

I bought a gaming laptop. The specs are nice, having a discrete GPU in a laptop is awesome, but my favorite feature? The thing that really sets this machine apart?

It has a Calculator button.

It took all day but I made a Jeeves robot in . I had to level Vanilla, Northrend, *and* Outland (ugh) Engineering and spend a few tens of thousands of gold in mats.

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