folks: now that we're on Mastodon v2.7.1, the Profile Directory is live!

You can opt in to the directory in Preferences. While you're there, add some hashtags to your Bio and you'll show up on the Directory's right sidebar.

Top: Poker 3 mechanical keyboard, 1.76 lbs (0.79 kg)
Bottom: Apple Magic Keyboard, 0.86 lbs (0.39 kg)

I'm trying out for monitoring. I was already paying $5/month for a low-usage VPS, so now it's also running the OpsDash server daemon. It's collecting data for and (in theory) alerting on disk usage and a few other things.

Saw this art and totally thought it was a new Warframe beside its operator.

So @Nikatine is and doing a thing where she puts a star/dot on her face for every new or returning subscriber.

She has gone from 536 sub points to 805 sub points today. Most of those are individual gifted subs.

One side of her face is almost completely covered in dots now :blobaww:

DeadAChek is ! It's not her first playthrough, but a continuation of the run she started yesterday. Come on by if you like chill, wholesome vibes

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