Does anyone on here want a black LED wallet case for a Samsung Galaxy S10+? Stock photo included. It didn't sell on eBay, I'm gonna toss it tonight if nobody needs.

I bought a gaming laptop. The specs are nice, having a discrete GPU in a laptop is awesome, but my favorite feature? The thing that really sets this machine apart?

It has a Calculator button.

It took all day but I made a Jeeves robot in . I had to level Vanilla, Northrend, *and* Outland (ugh) Engineering and spend a few tens of thousands of gold in mats.

Barkeep, can I get Shirley Temple with a finger of coconut rum and a lemon squeeze?

Raspberry Pi stuff 

It works fine when it's plugged directly into the Pi (first photo), so I have confidence about Pin 1 on the board (second photo).

In the third photo with the ribbon cable, Pin 1 is on the bottom right of the board but the top right of the ribbon cable. Unless I have completely confused myself, which is possible.

I have a gender changer but it seems like the ribbon and the board have the same placement for Pin 1, so I can't just flip one of them and plug them into each other.

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Why does my trash can liner have a hole and a rubber band on the back?

Made some caramel popcorn tonight. It's too heavy on the salt but the flavor was good. I need to figure out what affects the final consistency of the caramel, this was rock solid on the popcorn.


I heard somebody on the radio call it the "second wave" today :thonking:

Gonna share this during our next sprint planning meeting.

Hades, Artemis 

Artemis = best god. Phenomenal boons and we're totally crushing on each other :blobcatheart:

Hades, post-credits 

Real talk from Dad of the Dead.


Got out of Hades on my PC. :) It was a pretty good shield run.

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