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COVID-19, Ireland 

Dublin's reopening motto of "We Can Again" is very appropriate given the emerging shape of this graph. We can infection wave again!

Ayy I finally figured out how to delete an house if you already deleted their Switch profile! Just start the game as a new profile that doesn't have a house, and they can link with the abandoned resident

Dublin, can we get real benches at the bus stop please? Everything about this is hostile.

COVID-19 in Ireland 

Schools open, bars and restaurants open, full steam ahead into Christmas. Cases are currently 3x what they were this time last year.

At least deaths are not as proportionally high as they were compared to this time last year.

This environment is not kind to the box of iodized salt in my cupboard.

me studying forecasting and t-spin triple setups on the hard drop wiki

Getting stickers from @NightlineZ was extra exciting because of the surprise return address. A little present from home in my Dublin mail slot.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, so this whiteboard should have been a chalkboard

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