I was gifted Guns of Icarus Alliance on Steam and tried it out on stream tonight. It was fun but definitely hectic. I could see it being less stressful with a group of friends. Learning the ropes at the expense of randos is always a little awkward.

My biggest struggle was just understanding what was happening in battle. Are all the ships enemy ships? What is the objective? Am I doing the right thing??

I want to get some Rock Band guitars for the PS4. Anyone want to recommend a model or retailer before I buy this Mad Catz on Amazon? amazon.com/Wireless-Fender-Str

Transmission Gaming Podcast #7 is now live on @Nikatine's stream. Come ask Twitch streamers about Community Building! twitch.tv/nikatine

Nikatine is on the Twitch front page! Stop by and check out Jurassic World Evolution twitch.tv/nikatine

Got an invite to the beta. I'm downloading now, not sure I have the time/inclination to play though. :/

Did my ultimate chillout last night: fished a whole lot and watched a movie (Thor: The Dark World). I unlocked Surface Tension and Underlight Blessing on my artifact pole, got to Best Friend with Corbyn, and bought both of his toys.

I finally got Celeste for the and it's hella fun. The movement mechanics are very satisfying (but I'm maybe annoyed at the wind I'm encountering now)

Nikatine's doing a surprise Sunday stream! Come watch Far Cry 5 <3

Nikatine is doin' the streamer thing, today is Surviving Mars! Come hang out <3 twitch.tv/nikatine

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