We did the hike! Little Sugarloaf on Newfound Lake, Alexandria, , then just kept going to summit Big Sugarloaf. It was foggy but the rain held off. The 11yo and 8yo did great.

Central is getting absolutely hammered by thunderstorms right now. The lightning has been constant for over an hour. Already lost power and had it come back. (CW: low-FPS flash)

I don't think I shared this one. Another nice from my parents' house.

Two hours of snow clearing in central this morning. Two cars brushed, and loads of paths snowblown.

We lost power around 2315 last night. It's not back on yet, at 0643. The outage map says 20% of NHEC customers in my town are without power. ebill.nhec.com/woViewer/mapvie

has two constitutuional amendment ballot measures up for vote today (descriptions are my own personal interpretation):

- Asserting the right of an individual taxpayer to sue the government over the spending of public funds nhpr.org/post/how-should-you-v
- Asserting an individual's right to live free from government intrusion in private or personal information nhpr.org/post/ballot-question-

The lightning in central is unreal. Did NYC have this a couple hours ago?

Oh! I saw a bear this morning. Same place I saw one years and years ago on the way home from Boston.

We see deer all the time, but moose and bear are a rare sight.

Saw multiple deer on the way home tonight. Snapped this from far away in my own driveway.

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