At least four C-130 just flew directly over our house.

TIL it's illegal to be houseless in

"236:58 Camping Restricted. – No person shall pitch a tent or place or erect any other camping device or sleep on the ground within the public right-of-way or on public property unless permission is received from the governing board of the governmental authority having jurisdiction over such public right-of-way or property."

uspol, nhpol 

This is all the information I can find about Joseph Mirzoeff, who is contesting Rep. Ann Kuster for 's 2nd congressional district:

"There will be no signs, mailings, robocalls nor emails from me. I will not coordinate with others, not even Putin."

COVID test, family 

It took 11 days for my brother to get his COVID-19 test results back.

Warren, actually cancelled their "Old Home Day" (fair) this year. I'm pleasantly surprised! It was supposed to be this coming weekend.

Saw maybe 15-20 protesters on the common in Plymouth, today <3

HUGE turkeys just walked through the yard. I swear they're bigger than my corgi.

Just cast my Presidential Primary ballot. (Had to vote early, we won't be here on Feb 11)

We did the hike! Little Sugarloaf on Newfound Lake, Alexandria, , then just kept going to summit Big Sugarloaf. It was foggy but the rain held off. The 11yo and 8yo did great.

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Central is getting absolutely hammered by thunderstorms right now. The lightning has been constant for over an hour. Already lost power and had it come back. (CW: low-FPS flash)

I don't think I shared this one. Another nice from my parents' house.

Two hours of snow clearing in central this morning. Two cars brushed, and loads of paths snowblown.

We lost power around 2315 last night. It's not back on yet, at 0643. The outage map says 20% of NHEC customers in my town are without power.

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