Probably a good time to mention that the next version of Mastodon will finally make account suspensions reversible (with a separate option to delete data when needed). Been working on that for a few weeks (among other things)


COVID-19, CDC director advice 

Controlling the pandemic is always within arm's reach, if only we wanted it.

videos that are "Made for Kids" cannot be saved to a playlist, which is inconvenient as I try and build a list of Swedish-language videos with Swedish subtitles.

So far this has included "Sveriges bästa svensk" (possibly a drama about a Swedish immigrant?) and a German-language video about The Holocaust.

YouTube blames , the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

@venatus ad spend should go up exponentially based on duration

I swear my wife saw a 48 minute long (skippable) mid-roll ad on YouTube today. I should have asked her to screenshot.

If you use a simple, text-based format for your data, your future self may be very grateful.

@praxeology I moved my TODO and note systems to text files and it pays dividends year over year. No more lock-in, unlimited portability.

Fuck I missed the timestamp, it's already 1600001425

Do any light weight AP servers with a pretty frontend exist? Other than Pleroma? I'd rather not use that for a new server, but I don't think I have the resources to set up a mastodon instance.

"i wont interact if theres no pronouns in your profile" listen i wish everyone would do it too but please please please understand that there are people who are either uncomfortable with their pronouns and might not understand why yet, or might be in actual irl danger if they put the correct pronouns, but absolutely refuse to instruct others to use the wrong set.

Apple computers in my dream last night (most not real) 

- Various Centris and Quadra computers, still selling for hundreds of dollars
- 90's "No OS" small tower Mac, only common in healthcare (thanks Joe Biden)
- 90's tiny apple server (network appliance?), snidely criticized for not supporting any "real standards” (yes, it supported 100BaseT)

oh, y'all if youre a Black short story (scifi/horror especially) writer submit to this! (i am not one but im gonna try to become one in like 8 days lol)

Lovecraft Country looks at the history of Black Americans as overflowing with all kinds of monsters, literal and figurative. That’s why we’re asking short story writers to pick a decade or an important moment in Black American history, and weave a tale of the monsters that litter that time. As long as the story is fictional, we want to experience through your writing the collision of the historic and monstrous. Whether this be the monsters of oppression, the monsters of folklore, or some new beast, we’re open to everything … and, much like in Lovecraft Country, we’re curious to see how these ideas and genres combine to show us something new.

The winner gets a $5,000 grand prize, their story published on The Root, and mentorship from writers on the show.

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