The local timeline is the lifeblood of our instance.

@pupperipherals Federated still gives me a sense of what the larger fedi is talking about, and I dip into it most days

Local and federated timelines are core and essential features and Mastodon would be worse without them.

more pixel art #blaseball logos, this time including historical teams from season E. special thanks to and for helping me with the "beijing bicycles" team.

You can play Grounded for free for the next three days on Steam!

I'm not slurring my speech, I'm speaking in cursive.

@Juju Love that his biggest argument for this whole idea is that it would be good during WWIII

The sound of rain through the open window is just divine.

@skelly I'm sorry you don't find it cool that we measure the caloric content of food by literally incinerating it in a closed system


The second shot kicked my butt. I've slept so much in the past 24 hours.

@Juju Americans just choose both (with debt up to their eyeballs)

My brand new Glade Plugin doesn't work. Make it make scents.

@deneb it's probably not bad if you drive or taxi in! Truly awful for mass transit.

Shot no. 2 acquired. Bushwhacked my way to the homebound bus stop, thank goodness for denim jeans.

Dublin, this was a truly remarkable location for mass vaccination.

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