the bourgeoisie on Haiti are fleeing the island because they fear the popular uprising and the police are using live ammunition. things are heating up on Haiti and no one else on here is posting about it so I suppose I should.


yo stop what you're doin
cuz I'm about to ruin
that pcpartspicker list that OP posted

I think I'll let renew. I've always though it would make a good @pixelfed domain.

Just yelling "TETRIS PEOPLE ARE MEAN" every few minutes.

Highlight of the day: stream titled "Where we droppin boys??”

@garbados I did this recently and... can really only offer sympathy. dnsmasq might be worth a look, it has a lot of unnecessary dhcpd stuff but the config file format isn't the worst thing ever.

winning tetris battle royale by t-posing in a bush

Duolingo is holding me hostage with its streaks, which is great because the only way I'll learn is if I'm guilt-tripped by a cartoon owl.

@darkfrog They're way better than me and keep kicking my ass in Tetris 99

@sophia @VoidLurker I read the whole password post just waiting to get bamboozled

What's the difference between muting and blocking anyways

If your election slogan is some variation of a "20/20 vision" pun you automatically lose the election

I'm curious what people's favorite space photos are.

I can't choose individual ones, but the Juno probe got some beautiful pictures of Jupiter. I especially love the poles and detailed photos of the weather patterns.

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