Hi! I'm a senior full-stack webdev looking for a job that can offer one (or more!) of the following:

• contract work (ideally 3-6 months)
• part-time work (20-25 hours a week)
• work outside of traditional tech industry and culture
• nonprofits, coops, and other non-public non-venture-capital organizations
• engineering teams that are majority women or majority queer
• a $250,000 salary or better

Please lmk if you have any leads!

Resume: clarity.flowers/resume.html

Boosts appreciated

Through these ~500 added lines of Rust code, all Delta Chat apps will grow the ability to seamlessly port their e-mail address from one provider to another. The code's relative simplicity was hard-earned through many prior discusssions github.com/deltachat/deltachat

Area 51 operators 🤝 Math teachers

"How did you get this number?"

In honor of World Give Up GitHub day, here's a quick guide to how to serve up your own git repos.

In an empty directory readable from WWW (that has the URL you want your repo to have, for cloning) that you also can write to over SSH, run

git init --bare
mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update

Make sure the directory has the permissions you want for web (world readable, not writable).

Set the SSH path to the directory as a remote on your local copy of the repo, and push to it and you're done.


90s moment: C saw me in my new glasses and said I look like Lisa Loeb or Janeane Garofalo or some other heartthrob like that :blobcheeky:

@lawremipsum just me and the rest of humanity loudly shouting our opinions in the town square for the benefit of private corporations. relatable human experience

Saga Compendium 1 spoilers (issues 1-54) 

Finally finished this last night. That's a lot of dead people.

Moving means hearing a new set of local sayings and speech patterns. My favourite is ending a phone conversation with no less than 4 "Byes"

Things I want to be good at:

- biking
- baking
- crosstitch
- piano
- Tetris
- Rubik's cube
- Swedish
- stenography
- reading
- parenting
- friendship
- relationships

Things I am good at:


The Kånken rain cover: great buy. Compact, the storage bag is built in, it snaps to the backpack straps and fits snugly around all sides. And of course it keeps the rain out. Perfekt.

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