@videodante Maybe "generating content" isn't the goal?

Outside of that, much of the crossposted content I see has a wholly different tone from other stuff I see on Mastodon, or has bizarre formatting for quote-tweets and Twitter mentions, or lacks an appropriate CW, or just plain isn't monitored.

In that context, one post a week is better than a dozen crossposts a day.

I'm not going to ask anybody to stop crossposting, I would just rather they actually be here.

@pea Gitea is so rad. Really enjoying the Gitea + Drone CI workflow.

World Cup, US v. Spain 

@Tuxhedoh I love the idea. It'd be great to have a mainstream laptop with swappable internals, powered by something like an RPi.

@fribbledom The line has blurred a bit. Is RescueTime software or a service? It runs on my local computer but the dashboard is on the web.

How much money have you spent on software (other than video games!) in the past year?

@peach I don't want this but I can't deny I deserve it

What’s your favorite iOS mastodon app? Looks like Tootdon is going away :-(

Dear Tootdon users,

We decided to end the service of Tootdon for iOS / Android on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who enjoyed it, but thank you for your understanding.

You can continue to use the mastdon instance currently in use from Tootdon by accessing the website of that instance with Safari or Chrome browser, or using a client application other than Tootdon.

Ro vs. Banning Racists 

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