i wonder if this linode will still boot after i dist upgrade from 17.10 to 18.04

@amic sorry, you're a load-bearing ami, can't just delete you

@pixelfed Is current Pixelfed expected to be compatible with the 1.0 release? Or should current users expect a possible database wipe at some point in the future?

@cdmnky That site seems super sketch. Also why do they claim, "we do not use cookies nor provide your information to third-parties" but use Google Analytics?

@fishboi @eightbitsamurai It's interesting to me how much this changed in World of Warcraft since launch. They went from NPCs asking you to do things, and the map revealing itself along the way, to basically holding your hand through the whole process with markers and arrow everywhere.

It got easier, but whether or not it's "better" is definitely subjective.

@Roboron Now that you say that, I see that I can add .rss to the end of a Reddit user feed, but it's not discoverable as far as I can tell (no link rel=alternate, no anchor on the page).

And I thought Twitter removed first-party RSS support. Is it still hiding somewhere?

I'm subject to a growing number of websites that don't work cleanly with content blocking because they assume you can see the Google and fail (usually with no clear error message) if the captcha isn't submitted.

It's frustrating finding a new project that's only on the big centralized platforms. I want to follow along with a mech keyboard project but they're only on Notion, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter. No ActivityPub, no RSS feeds.

@Mutiny ah bummer, I'll try again later I guess. thanks for letting me know!

scientists release first-ever video of t-rex laying an egg

@Eramdam It's not great. The light shines through in a weird way, you can see the molding underneath the keys. I'll try and take a photo later tonight.

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