"Sort by highest rating" really needs to take the number of reviews into account, or let you filter by review count. I don't give a crap about a 5-star item if it only has one review.

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I have a log file that's followed me around since 2005. When something notable happens, I add a short update to the bottom of the file. I forget about it sometimes but most life events make it in there.

Notes$ cut -b 1-4 <Timeline.txt | uniq -c
22 2005
2 2006
7 2007
1 2008
5 2010
6 2011
20 2012
74 2013
40 2014
40 2015
46 2016
48 2017
37 2018

Take the night off, YouTube. You've earned it.

@bthall I love the Twitter and Facebook icons with no visible URLs, as if you could click your cereal box or w/e

@noelle Having worked with WordPress and applied to Automattic, I can totally see it going down like this.

@yardgnome It's cool tech but I find the limited shelf life really concerning. It makes games disposable. We have game carts from 30 years ago that work great (albeit simpler tech) but modern games tend to rot and seem to get harder to preserve.

@laurie That's true, but if you really owned the game, you could run your own server.

:blobthinking: drm-free games
:blobthinkingcool: games that require activation
:blobhyperthink: games that require persistent internet connection
:blobhyperthinkfast: streaming games from the cloud

@julia Dayna (one of the judges) works for Etsy 😄

tired: millennials are killing department stores
wired: store is pissed in the malls

what if...i designed an experience *before* building it?

hahahah I just read what I thought was a 4000 word blog post but no, the "article" was compiled from a Twitter thread 111 tweets long.

If I switch from Ana to Zenyatta, it means I don't think you're doing enough damage.

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