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Here's the thing... and I say this as a recovering sexist and homophobe.

Just because you're a bigot today doens't mean you have to be one tomorrow. You *can* be better. No one is perfect, but you can learn and grow. It's one the best things about being a human being.

The problem with whiteness isn't racism in and of itself. It's that white people *refuse* to learn and change. They still carry the same attitudes from 4 centuries ago.

We see that at play on the fedi everyday.

@melissasage ahh i see europe has done the Scandinavia Shuffle

I'm lying on the sheepskin rug in the floor because strong wine was too strong. please send me pics of #giraffes

@Satsuma Mostly Rittenhouse Sq/City Hall because of time constraints, but it was nice to walk around the little streets.

@ilovecomputers I just installed it on a VM yesterday, inspired by a post I saw on here! Might give it a real go.

I wish it supported the RPi 4, I haven't done anything with mine yet

asking for help, $ 

@Satsuma It was great! Just enough time to see a small corner of the city, which gave me a foothold for my longer trip in February.

tech gripes, things outside my control 

@maloki I do the same thing 😅 I have a bookmarking system but sometimes I have to use the easy fave

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