Yesss Sprint is sending me the LTE Airave to replace the ancient one I've got that finally broke.

queer indigenous-mix bat here to remind you that tomorrow is not "columbus day", but it is indigenous peoples day

support indigenous peoples, all across the globe. fuck colonizers

@muppetbutler you fuck with my $40 laminator, and you fuck with me

@tmy tfw it takes a long-ass time to boil water because your house is so high

:drake_like: Hearing Hbomberguy read a quote in the new Contrapoints

The 4-day marathon has just a few hours left! Originally a $5,000 goal, they've now raised nearly $25,000.

I'm honestly surprised desktop web doesn't pause music playback when you switch to a different tab.

v rude of blizzard to be total dinks AND introduce a playable anthropomorphic fox race in the same week

In January, @Hbomberguy started streaming Donkey Kong 64 to "annoy a guy on the internet." Over the next 57 hours, it spun wildly out of his control, transformed by the community into something much greater—raising over $347k for Mermaids UK.

look at this photograph i got from the vending machine. i want my nickle back

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