eaten in my sleep by 100 blåhaj when one of my neighbors steals that tablet from Night at the Museum: the Annika Backstrom story

wife comes at you fast, life comes at you fast

Getting stickers from @NightlineZ was extra exciting because of the surprise return address. A little present from home in my Dublin mail slot.

@vy I should look into that! I've never been with a credit union

Friendship with Apex Legends ended, is my new best friend now

@tixie Pilot the Linguini, Remy. Or Emile will have to do it again.

Anyone interested in following Mastodon release notes in their ActivityPub feed can follow this account here (this might exist elsewhere too, but I couldn't find one):



@devurandom ah yes, so-named because the game triggers my flight response

"redbone has 1 billion listens on spotify" actually statistical error. GloverLover420 who lives in a cave and listens to redbone 10,000,000 times a day is and outlier and should not have been counted

@logoninternet i paid for 100% of my cpu so i'm gonna USE 100% of my cpu! /s

@alex for real though slack, it's ok to have more than one window. let me see a few different things at once. let me pop out chats.

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