If a mascot is a man inside a full-body suit, is Gritty a ravioli?

@happyhorseskull this thread is extremely my shit. i would love to learn more of the history and terminology at some point

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is there a hallmark card for "sorry people interpret your attempts at sexiness as threatening"

I'm lucky to work with some wonderful people at Panic in downtown Portland (across from Powell's Books). Right now, we're looking for a Web Services Engineer to join us! I made this nice little video and everything. Check it out, if you're into web services, or maybe pass it on to someone you like? panic.com/blog/help-wanted-web

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Having one of those "can't type because I can't feel my hands" kind of days.

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Never thought about this before, but the "Reader View" is a decent way to bypass some adblock detectors.

When Christian Bale bumps into his friends do they say Hey Bale?

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Aw snap, I don't think the Yo API is working any more. Looks like they started a Patron to keep the servers going. patreon.com/yoapp/

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