@mattl The ClarisWorks terminal was my go-to for BBS connections for years

Somehow I only brought 1 Ethernet cable on this move 🙃

@aral How dare you have an opinion on the fragile ecosystem on which you depend!

Good morning, happy Friday! Fingers crossed that I get broadband installed today :blobcat_mlem:

@Voyager@թութ.հայ well. thanks for that

@Juju O Julia, The Clean One, Scoured be thy Name. Let us pray

@TheGibson toots like this always make me wish I could look at another person's timeline

Covid, personal, good 

We got our test results, we don't have COVID. That means we can leave the house tomorrow!


todo for this week is getting a workable laundry routine. complications: we have no central heating so it's cold as all get-out, there is no ventilation, and the washer/dryer combo is new to me (and it shakes the pots and pans off the cooker)

arriving this week: clothes airer, dehumidifier, ironing board, and iron

@maloki Sounds like a good day! I always regret not napping more.

i'm testing a new webapp. send me a text message and i'll reply with a random pangolin fact that i look up on the internet or make up on the spot. +1 (404) 649-5662

@maloki Good morning! Anything fun on the docket for today?

Bring back that thing where cell phones had usable FM tuners

i heard there was a secret plum
i really meant to save you some
but you don't really care for breakfast, do you

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