What controller would you suggest if I want to play some old N64 games (Super Mario, Mario Kart etc) on a Raspberry Pi with #retropie?

your computer isn't working? have you tried turning it off and then wandering outside to live in the woods?

@Mainebot what would you do if you didn't have to work for a living

Does anyone make like a proxy server that lets old web browser talk to modern ssl websites?

@KitRedgrave I think the suggestion is 2 months but it might as well be 100

Engagement rings are supposed to cost 100 months salary and if you don't buy one it's doomed and not true love, sorry I don't make the rules. —De Beers, making the rules

macOS Big Sur was released less than a month ago and I already can't update Garage Band because I'm still on the previous macOS release.

@mxsiege Victoria's Secret telling me to put on a bra before sizing myself was a major WTF moment for me last week

covid vaccine 

This feels like the "new OS release" period that happens every 1-2 years, where I wait to get something while other people test the bugs in production.

I wonder what I'll get first: the Coronavirus vaccine, or macOS Big Sur.


I used it once. everything about it sucked ass


how the fuck can you grant a preemptive pardon

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