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Everyone is very big on everyone putting pronouns in bios but v few ever bother to check

thinking about getting a combination wallet + phone case so i can lose all my money, credit cards, and phone at the same time

Spotify, you crossfaded songs when I specifically asked you not to.

I messed around in and made a passable tetromino square, modeled after the one from . Here's a sample cam border using those blocks. Might extend it a bit for a stream border with a game inset.

Is there a shorthand for enbies of colour? I imagine it being EOC (like POC and WOC) but am interested to hear from people with experience.

As a remote I have to make every interaction successful using video, text chat, etc., so any insistence that a meeting needs to happen "face to face" will 1) exclude me, 2) limit my contributions, and 3) just seem extremely lazy in my eyes.

I tried cutting a mat for framing art today and it's Fucking Difficult.

last christmas i gave you my heart, please respond

Has anyone seen my hour? I seem to have lost it.

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Phones are slippery.

(No, I haven't dropped my phone yet. But it's weird using a modern phone without its case.)


why don't I just remap that key to be tilde

I tend to go all-in on things, but I put my 60% keyboard aside this week in favor of a full-sized Apple Magic Keyboard. It's been many years since I used a Happy Hacking keyboard full-time and I'm not sure how I survived without a dedicated backtick/tilde key.

Be kind, give the other person in the 1:1 "Modify Event" privileges.

@annika An Inconvenient Booth

[in this joke, the DJ booth is atop a long procedurally generated staircase]

Let's hear it for DJ Albert Gore and his patended Al Gore Rhythm

basically you build this shape (or the same thing mirrored) and 74% of the time you can place your next three pieces in such a way that you get a perfect clear (depending on how the second bag starts and what [if anything] you have in your hold slot)

Speaking of , I have a "work" trigger I fire every morning that opens all my default apps. This includes things like Firefox, Slack, and It also opens all my default TODO lists in , and calls an external workflow with a weekly scratchpad/notes doc.

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