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I have a Samsung Station (the round one) but Samsung is now selling a more lightweight DeX cable. I'm not sure how the tech is different from any other USB-C to HDMI adapter.

The retail price of $40 is pretty steep, but it was marked down and I had a 30% promo and store credit. I can spare $12 for a new toy.

i just googled: "why do i start yawning when people talk to me?"

this has been stuck in my head since i made this abomination on last night

Here's the Big Scary Email you get from if they think you're using their remote access software for Business™

Text version of that image:

Form they want you to fill out:

suicide mention, news 

tfw the test fixture abstract class you created in 2013 is now used by over 500 classes :blobuwu:

There should be a Twitch category for people who don't rage out.

Wow, is actually updating their minimum required version of PHP. Bold of them to do that ol April 1, considering it's been 9 years since they last did it

If you relinquish Jump Master to me, I promise I'm just going straight down.

My eternal struggle: I love cities but hate neighbors (or at least, hate sound that travels between apartments)

As #Easter is coming up, a reminder that rabbits are very complex animals with more needs than most realise.

They live 10 or more years, aren't usually big on being cuddled, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time, space to run around, and attention. They should allay be kept in pairs at least.

A whopping *75%* of rabbits in the UK are neglected. Please, if thinking of getting a bunny, know what you're getting into or stick with chocolate

Suburban parents complaining how long it takes to drop off their one kid at school with the family SUV in a big traffic jam of other SUVs when the kids could be getting to school in a bus is like a microcosm of American transportation.

Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&M's. Tastes just like regular peanut M&M's, but spicy.

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