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@mathew @annika until pretty recently, i worked for small-to-midsized internet retailers who still stock and ship their own products.

it's been pretty weird lately, buying from other places to avoid amazon, to realize just how many theoretically independent places have offloaded every rationale for their own existence to a handful of third parties (along with, usually, a giant collection of adtech nonsense).

I'm so annoyed right now. I very intentionally bought something off instead of , and it got drop-shipped from Amazon Prime.

Why do users specify whether or not they're making eye contact when posting selfies?

ikea should provide estimates of how long it will take to assemble a piece of furniture based on your size and number of additional arms.

I was standing still for like 30 seconds with nobody around and a guy literally walked directly into me and this, to me, is a perfect metaphor for men in tech

Good news : You can now prove your identity on this Mastodon server using ! See this blog post for more information:

Prove you're not a robot: do this mindless, repetitive task for no pay

@denikombucha I'd love some help knowing where to look for work, especially within the realm of free software.

trump tax returns 

Every article I've read says the rideshare strike is from 7am to 9am tomorrow. :blobcoffee:

I just got an email that is adding checkbooks and getting rid of their online Bill Pay service. 🙃 Yay you found an instance!

Poet stumped by standardized test questions about her own poem

Sara Holbrook thinks Texas schools' tests are confusing. And she wrote the poems they're asking about.

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