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Buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind
To withstand the world that's what it takes
All that steel and stone is no match for the air, my friend
What doesn't bend breaks, what doesn't bend breaks

Thank you, capitalism, for letting me buy the shittiest trans flag shirt I've ever seen in a selection of exclusively male sizes

discourse, cast iron, food (non-veg) 

Scrambled eggs, Skyrim-style

I was gifted Guns of Icarus Alliance on Steam and tried it out on stream tonight. It was fun but definitely hectic. I could see it being less stressful with a group of friends. Learning the ropes at the expense of randos is always a little awkward.

My biggest struggle was just understanding what was happening in battle. Are all the ships enemy ships? What is the objective? Am I doing the right thing??

I wonder if I've ever obliviously refollowed someone after they softblocked me :blobthinkingcool:

A year ago I tried learning ActivityPub, and more or less failed. I was confounded by a spec that was so abstract I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Turns out I was missing some key things.

I have written a guide to learning about ActivityPub that I wish existed a year ago when I first set out to learn how to write social media servers that conform to the spec:

Heck lots of Linux users in this poll! 80% Linux with 450 votes so far.

I had to claim Windows. I use a Mac for work and have a personal laptop as well, and all work I do (professional and personal) happens SSH'd into a Linux box, but the Windows tower is a constant and always in easy reach.

I think I'll make my kids listen to So Claybe all summer, and then in like September I'll play the full Call Me Maybe.

if a gorilla threw a barrel at me i would simply jump over it

:drake_dislike: twitch selling me t-shirts for pride month
:drake_like: twitch finally adding a Trans tag

pfft you actually think this is my real discord account? this is obviously my smurf

"as a [person of immense privilege], i will stay neutral" get the fuck outa here

I guess there's really no reason for the destination to be unverified.

Would be good to provide a link (emailed?) to delete the redirect if the owner happened to lose control of the old and new accounts.

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Possible flows for a service that redirects dead instance URLs to a new instance. You can't migrate toots themselves, so this would only get to the new account's home.

I think ideally you'd still have access to the old server, so you could do an OAuth flow and verify ownership of both the old and new accounts. Maybe you'd want an interstitial if the destination was unverified.

This connection would let you CNAME the old domain to the redirect service's domain, and 301 Redirect incoming hits.

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I want to make a service for dead instances so old URLs redirect to a relocated user's new account.

i refuse to stand in a line for more than 5 minutes for literally anything

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