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So in the end, Kev is only sorry he used the wrong word to express his tone deafness and disdain for anyone’s concerns save for his own. He admits he very much believes people’s concerns about abuse and harassment just don’t matter to him.

This is a classic abuse tactic where he is literally blaming people for being ‘overly sensitive’ for being a complete dickhead.

It appears my decision to silence fosstodon was correct. This dude is a straight up bigot.

hay mow
on a tractor
cut your grass down
stack hay


This is the sound of rhubarb growing in the dark. And someone really needs to take some sound samples to make a percussion track from it.

"Forced rhubarb" is a technique for growing fresh rhubarb in the Winter, while keeping it in pitch dark conditions. Done correctly, the plants grow super fast. Fast enough that you can hear it popping and creaking as it grows!

Hm I need an image editor that can do custom Indexed color palettes for the Inky pHAT. Krita doesn't seem to do Indexed mode.

If anyone works in NYC, or knows someone who works in NYC in tech and is hiring please hit me up 👍

Please boost.

transit systems will never be profitable, they are simply the opportunity cost for a functional society

I clicked on what I thought was going to be a creepily-small video camera, but on closer inspection (and as seen in the other product photos) it's actually 2.36" (6cm).

Props to this absolute unit and their ~5"/12cm distal phalanx.

So, as you might have heard we are trying to create a moderation companion app for #Tusky. The idea is that moderators could install the app alongside Tusky to unlock additional functions. There is a repository set up so we can discuss the details:
All help welcome! #tuskydev

I'm scared to find out whether it's "yuno host" or "why you no host" and break my headcanon.

Channeled some feelings into my blog instead of getting up in somebody's replies today.

Ask your doctor if Panacea is right for you.


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