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"There are more of us than we can actually imagine." —Harry Brewis (Hbomberguy)

I tried to swipe "flan" and my phone typed "fluff can," so PSA, "flan" is now short for "fluff can".

I finally got my hands on a yesterday! IT REALLY IS SO CUTE IN PERSON AND BOTH THE BUTTONS AND THE CRANK FEEL SO DANG GOOD. I really wanna make something for it!!

@annika I cannot believe I managed to ask him that question without cracking up

Brian David Gilbert is a treasure. And for the record, he owns two pairs of jorts.

Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera are possibly the cutest and sweetest people on this planet.

“If you want to make stuff, you've get to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” —Hallease @

Laura and Diana from Streetbooks talking about their mobile library here in Portland. You can even get eyeglasses!

On my way to Cup & Bar for the indieweb+mastodon Meetup.

Already had my mind blown today with a new perspective...

Long maternity and paternity leave in Scandinavian culture is the right of the child, irrespective of the wealth, social standing, and life choices of the parents.

I imagine if this argument was told to my American family they'd be caught with their britches down, because they're too focused on complaining about "lazy adults".

Going home for the night. Gotta charge the kitten battery! Great to see everyone tonight at @xoxo!
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