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despite all my rage i am still just a
turban sage

I've added the August and September invoices to the server doc. Last month was our lowest month since I started tracking in March 2018, at $30.09!

Photo management on Windows 10 is extremely painful. I can leave a directory up for ages and the thumbnails never populate onto the icons, so it's exponentially harder to organize files.

Do any of y'all have the Criterion Channel streaming service? I signed up but I have no idea what to watch. Taking any and all recommendations.

Hi! I made this goose emojo set for the fediverse to enjoy. :grape_heart:

:goose_silly: :goose_peek: :goose_hacker: :goose_flap:
:goose_side::goose::goose_scorn::goose_star: also has download packs in 200x200 and 500x500 sizes for use outside Fedi under a CC-BY-NC-SA license (or to ease addition to your emoji set). Attribution appreciated. Enjoy!

@pixeldev I get a "Something went wrong" error on /settings/home. I didn't immediately see any error messages in logs. Should I debug this further or is there a known issue with the settings page right now?

This happens with my admin account and a newly-created test account.

I upgraded my Ansible PHP role from 7.2 to 7.3 today, a couple months ahead of the end of active support for 7.2. This also means is now on a more recent release of Pixelfed, though I'm not immediately sure what the differences are.

MA vape ban 

You find this abandoned on the subway. What's inside? (Quarter for scale.)

websites please stop blasting my eyes with your bright white backgrounds while all of my other backgrounds are #000 and there are no lights other than the moon and my laptop screen set to 1/851 brightness

broke: street art is vandalism
woke: advertising is vandalism

In , you can shift-click a folder in your Bookmarks toolbar to open the contents as tabs in a new window. I use this to open 6 Mastodon clients at once in a way that's easy to dismiss. (The same behavior is available behind a right-click in Chrome.)

“Imagine you could keep your lawnmower idling in your driveway, and every once and a while a Beanie Baby popped of the tailpipe”

Me, explaining bitcoin

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