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uspol, trump statement 

uspol, trump statement, GoT S1 reference 

I just met you
And you like whales
But I have little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore
So call me Ishmael

Cooterz is playing World of Warcraft on the Nintendo Switch and I'm kind of in awe.

have some memes i just unloaded from my phone. cw: some food, also no alt text because it's just the fastmail gallery app

phone spam 

getting my kids on the same minecraft server as their cousins is a juxtaposition of amazing technical feats and wondering who the hell designed things this way

how can computers be so amazing and so awful at the same time

Probably ⅔ of the "LB" posts I see are in the federated timeline. 🙃

ughh my recent commits to my blog aren't properly signed. it's using a different key for some reason.

I really need to get my GPG keys sorted out, and learn more about subkeys.

Cooool, just did a test run of a centralized web server list, so I don't have to update a thousand Drone CI config files when I make a new web host.

Twitter meta, weaponizing tools meant to protect I can't have sound on right now but is this anything features:

- posts are automatically deleted after 20 to 480 minutes based on current moon phase
- favicon matches the current moon phase

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