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looking for history writers 

I am re-launching my history blog in March and am looking for writers to guest blog. Non-white and non-cis/het dude writers extremely welcome. You can write in whatever language you want. You do not need a degree. Reviews of books/tv/film, essays, art, fashion, anything history.

From our about page: "I (we?) here at History.Expert believe that studying and writing about history should be more punk and less gatekept by academia aka rich, snobby jerkfaces."


How annoying is it when your bf goes to the shop, asks if you want anything, you say no and then he doesn't come back with surprise chocolate 🙄

I love this thing. I don't know why. It's called an "incentive spirometer" and it helps measure and improve lung capacity.

child illness, healthcare, pol 

Recently, my six-month-old caught what turned out to be RSV¹, quickly developed pneumonia as a complication, was hospitalized, and spent a week getting round-the-clock treatment and monitoring in the semi-intensive care unit.

Thanks to the nurses' and doctors' hard work, K is almost completely recovered now. However, the experience made me reflect on some things I haven't quite come to take for granted yet.


MTF advice needed, voice 

The voice training resources I've found haven't made any sense to me, and tbh I'm overwhelmed by the many options, can anyone suggest good ones to start off?

What online trans spaces do you see that don't center transphobia/discussions about shitty ways cis people treat us?

*casts vote in iowa caucus* Now this is pod racing

Minneapolis implemented ranked choice voting several years ago, and also began hand tallying ballots because there were no machines or software certified to do the counting and reallocation necessary.

The city began setting expectations early: you will not know the results on election night. Everyone survived, there was no calamity, the results were just as real and valid. Life went on.

It's the expectation of instant results that's the problem.

As I just got an email reminding me I support @Tusky, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone who uses it to chip in as well :-)

Hear ye, hear ye! There is a new E-book shop selling DRM-free ebooks largely written by women!

Send them your money, read some books, and support DRM-free ebook publishing!

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