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I've got the day off and Charlotte bought bagels yesterday, so I took the extra time and made bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for the boys.

"solar plexus" is short for "solar-powered lexus"

"solar plexus" is short for "solar-powered lexus"

The !!con livestream is starting momentarily. There's a keynote followed by 2 days of very cool lightning talks. So excited that I can participate this year!


Sarahah just gave me the White-chocolate wall, Dark-chocolates flooring, and Strawberry-chocolate wall. That's a lot of chocolate.

wait 'til quillson hears about genotype vs. phenotype

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Some people think the New Year's Eve ball in Time Square should go up, not down, while others are opposed to the rise-of-glow-ball-ism.

webp is just another instance of Google shitting up the web.

I'm really not sure what to do about my villager houses. My natural island layout was a huge center landmass with two narrow strips to the east and west, and I didn't change that up much with terraforming.

I love the neighborhoods I've seen with roads and hedges and paths but it's trickier with my current layout.

Favorite comet? Reply with if your's isn't listed. Boosts encouraged.

Animal Crossing custom design 

And here’s another dragony design! A dragon cosplay hoodie!

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