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How tall are you?


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Cashier at the supermarket asked me if my shirt depicted an N64 controller. At first I thought he was fucking me, but in reality he is just a child and it was before his time. Reminisced about the game cube's handle with the bagger.

(I got confirmation that this is indeed the case: silenced domains won't show up on status permalink pages.)

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Hmm I replied to this post but my reply doesn't show up on the remote server. Does that mean is silenced over there?

There's a "refund chatbot" for PlayStation. You answer a bunch of questions (for some reason formatted as a "chat") and then it asks if you want to speak with a live support agent.

It doesn't tell you that if you decline to speak with an agent, you're kicked back to the start of the "chat" flow.

Why did you join the Fediverse? If it's your main/only social media, why?

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i'm watching Fiddler on the Roof for the first time and I hope "Lazar Wolfe the Butcher" doesn't turn out to be a dick because that is maybe the coolest name in a musical

The German word for "shower curtain" is "Duschvorhang" and I think that's beautiful.

surgeons can give you extra bones at any point. they don't because they consider it cheating. but they have the ability

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