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Wow, I didn't realize 8.0 was coming soon. RC1 is out now, with a GA projected for 2020-11-26.

I got to help my neighbors with their computer and it was real nice. They are very good to us in a rural neighbor way and I'm so glad they thought of me when they needed help.

I have now seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show

is such a different experience the second time through. My first fight against <Redacted> was on run 9 instead of probably run 30+.

love it when my speakers buzz real loud when i engage my gpu in some polygon rendering

I lost my job this morning.

If anyone happens to know of freelance or remote work opportunities, please let me know.

Thank you.

food, sharp objects, malice 

Just got an email that Portland Pie Pizza products are recalled 'cause a dude put razor blades in them.

(The "Portland" here is Portland, Maine)

I love the "open all the things" button on my macro board. One dedicated button opens like 6 apps, my weekly notepad, connects to VPN, and flips off the screensaver for a few hours.

Closing all my terminals, tabs, and apps at the end of each day is very soothing.

me: covid
google: did you mean corvid?

me: corvid
google: did you mean covid?

Fedi culture is scrolling the timeline before you say "Good morning!" in case things exploded again while you slept

Rose is red, violets blue,
Sugar's sweet and so are you,
Then add another bit,
Wait this ain't a lymrick,
My poem! What the fuck did you do!?!?

uspol, trump 

"Look at what's happening with the rolling blackouts in California. Look at where California's gonna have to ration water -- you know why? Because they send millions of gallons of water out to sea. Out to the Pacific. Because they wanna take care of certain little, tiny fish... that aren't doing very well without water, to be honest with you."

it's me DJ SysAdmin, check out my new mix tape drive, it's back up on soundcloud

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