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Finally got the Boeing font. I'm gonna use it to write plane text files.

product idea 

"stinky notes" they're like sticky notes but also they smell terrible

Are you going to continue wearing masks (generally or just during flu season for example) on public transport and places like that after the pandemic has blown over?

on my god this "railing rider" quest in is the most frustrating thing that has ever happened in a video game

I had a dream where "you have a real small banjo for someone with so much garlic" was a common way to call someone a braggart.

uspol, meta 

if you have people in your feed or mentions telling you to not enjoy a biden victory, you haven't blocked enough people

uspol, nothing 

more like Presiden't Trump

Have you used Vue? Should I use Vuex?

I just learned about :keepalt, which prevents Vim "template" files from clobbering the alternate file used with C-^

I finally finished my fold-out workstation! It took about three months of working on the weekends, and I'm so glad to finally have my apartment free of clutter. You can follow along the arduous journey and see the result!

#woodworking #diy
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merry xmas and happy annika's choices:


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