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What's the proper procedure when you make a sale on eBay and the buyer messages to say they changed their mind and don't want to pay you? Seems like it's less likely to backfire on me if I use the built in "buyer has not paid" feature once it becomes available.

I made a toy that generates "What vibes do I give off?" style memes from Wikipedia categories. Enjoy.

Is this the year I get really into Mastadon?

Online ad fraud • Uber turned off over 2/3 of their ad spend and found no effect on user acquisition. Because the ad networks were all fraudulent #linkblog #adsfraudubermarketingtootmecorruption

Diving behind a long bush in your yard to avoid talking to neighbors? Now that's using your hedge.

Theory: 30 million people came back to Slack at the same time and crashed the whole platform.

Sorta wanted to read a thread on the Bad Site but the person didn't even break up thoughts to fit in a tweet, they just continued the sentence between posts. So jarring.

me, kneeling down to talk to all my followers: "Look at all your different colored hats!"

I saw a Jeeves in the Kyrian Covenant zone, it gave me access to my bank, and I thought, "I want that!" and here we are :blobsweat:

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It took all day but I made a Jeeves robot in . I had to level Vanilla, Northrend, *and* Outland (ugh) Engineering and spend a few tens of thousands of gold in mats.

It's Sunday already. I'm not ready for work tomorrow. :blob_pensive:

Today is my grandfather's 93rd birthday though! So that's rad.

Looks like "empty timelines" got a bugfix in 2018. I assume it takes some non-zero amount of time to regenerate the feeds.

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There are some quirks with timeline generation for inactive Mastodon users, right? Like you might have empty timelines if you haven't logged in for a while?

uspol, mitch 

Love the tacit admission from Mitch that certain things are so unpalatable, they must be combined with desirable things in order to get a vote and become law. Our government is so broken.

I healed a Torghast Level 6 (Soulforges) and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. By the end, everyone was taking 7% damage every 5 seconds due to the dungeon debuff.

I tried to play Fallout: New Vegas but I couldn't figure out the first fetch quest in the tutorial and I gave up

Barkeep, can I get Shirley Temple with a finger of coconut rum and a lemon squeeze?

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