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I bought a gaming laptop. The specs are nice, having a discrete GPU in a laptop is awesome, but my favorite feature? The thing that really sets this machine apart?

It has a Calculator button.

Fun fact: women's clothes have 1 pocket and we all take turns sharing it

World of Warcraft 

Couldn't beat a Torghast Level 5 because some asshole called "Watchers of Death" completely wrecked me at the end of the run. Brutal.

how do you keep powerline ethernet from blowing up all your devices if there's a surge

got bit by a cryptid and now i curse like a sailor at the full moon, it must have been a 


(the bank) just sent out an email that BBVA is shuttering the Simple brand and rolling all accounts into BBVA :blobsweat:


more c-span callers saying Actually Antifa Stormed The Capitol

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god some stupid people call into c-span

"communism is here"

"hillary clinton never served a day in jail"


I always thought Trump was a grifter but looking at the current happenings, he must actually believe what he espouses. I can't see allowing this to happen unless you were really delusional enough to believe it.


Mast posed a question to Pelosi, he repeated it, and she straight up ignored him and moved on to the next person.

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Boebert really losing her cool right now.


LucidFoxx ( is watching Trump's rant livestream and just, wow. Trump is completely unhinged.

I love how he's putting it all on Pence though. Pence is fucked after this, he is gonna be reviled when he doesn't hand the election over to Trump.

What's the proper procedure when you make a sale on eBay and the buyer messages to say they changed their mind and don't want to pay you? Seems like it's less likely to backfire on me if I use the built in "buyer has not paid" feature once it becomes available.

I made a toy that generates "What vibes do I give off?" style memes from Wikipedia categories. Enjoy.

Is this the year I get really into Mastadon?

Online ad fraud • Uber turned off over 2/3 of their ad spend and found no effect on user acquisition. Because the ad networks were all fraudulent #linkblog #adsfraudubermarketingtootmecorruption

Diving behind a long bush in your yard to avoid talking to neighbors? Now that's using your hedge.

Theory: 30 million people came back to Slack at the same time and crashed the whole platform.

Sorta wanted to read a thread on the Bad Site but the person didn't even break up thoughts to fit in a tweet, they just continued the sentence between posts. So jarring.

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