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In the interest of working with the garage door open more, I've decided to transfer my notes for some of my unfinished tabletop rpg design projects into my wiki.

oh you're a human? name every picture with a boat in it

my "no ragrets" tattoo is raising a lot of questions already answered by the tattoo

lewdish but it's really about git 

Yeah sex is great but have you tried getting `git rebase --onto` right on the first try without looking at the docs

Somehow I only brought 1 Ethernet cable on this move 🙃

Good morning, happy Friday! Fingers crossed that I get broadband installed today :blobcat_mlem:

Covid, personal, good 

We got our test results, we don't have COVID. That means we can leave the house tomorrow!


todo for this week is getting a workable laundry routine. complications: we have no central heating so it's cold as all get-out, there is no ventilation, and the washer/dryer combo is new to me (and it shakes the pots and pans off the cooker)

arriving this week: clothes airer, dehumidifier, ironing board, and iron

i'm testing a new webapp. send me a text message and i'll reply with a random pangolin fact that i look up on the internet or make up on the spot. +1 (404) 649-5662

Bring back that thing where cell phones had usable FM tuners

i heard there was a secret plum
i really meant to save you some
but you don't really care for breakfast, do you

[sacking off work] really sorry, i'm just very upset about prince phillip right now

[stealing a cheesecake from tesco] really sorry, very upset. prince phillip's dead you know

[driving bulldozer into a police station] really sorry, have you seen the news though?

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