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Handled an xbox controller for the first time and I'm really surprised by just how heavy it is.

DualShock is 220g, Switch Pro controller is 250g, and the Xbox controller is like 290g

Flat Earthers, meet me at the edge of the disc for an ass-kicking.

I am enamored with @selfsame's shop for lovely hand-sculpted human skulls at low, low prices

Bought some to help decorate our library!

Me, opening a Discord I've used daily for 3 years 

who the fuck are all you people

technology rant, usps 

The USPS Customs Form is such a steamy pile of trash. What browser does this even work in? It's broken in literally everything combination of OS and browser I've tried.

having three monitors is good because it lets me pay even less attention to the activity i'm trying to do


World of Warcraft has an achievement called "You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome" and that phrase still pops up in my head occasionally.

If you're gonna violate the cookie law so hard that you don't even have a way to reject cookies, why bother having this annoying-ass banner in the first place?

Audio editing "is not intended for individuals below the age of 13". This is what happens when software starts doing things other than what the users need it to do.

I love fireworks but I come from a place where it was easy to do fireworks far from other people.

idea: bodcasts

they're like a podcast but for your whole body

Florida building collapse 

I'm stunned by this interview. It basically presents the collapse of that building in Florida as a small-scale version of what will happen to the whole planet in the next 100 years: a pyramid scheme meets harsh reality, and a population faces a deadly problem but is unable to come to terms with how and when to fix things before it's too late.

Gonna put 1,000 hours in Forza to prepare for left-side driving.

✅ I do not want to see or be seen by podcasters

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