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There is bad reporting going on around the news about OnlyFans. Yes it is due to the "payment processor" MasterCard but *that* reason for change was due to Exodus Cry's incessant activism against PornHub and their attempts to abolish all legal forms of pornography, sex work, Strip Clubs, etc under the guise of "think of the children".

I found this "Interactive Anagram Solver" in the deep, dark recesses of Page 2 of Google

It's nicer than many other tools: you can add to your in-progress anagram and it will show what you might make with the remaining letters.

`rename(1)` is such a great command. A little cryptic but very versatile.

the existence of github fucked up so much stuff

like i was genuinely shocked to learn that "pull request" and "fork" don't actually mean anything to git. you do a fork by pulling the code and pushing it to another repo. you do a pull request by sending an email where you ask someone to merge your code

nobody i talk to for school or w/e knows how to do stuff like that without just using the github buttons for them. which until extremely recently included me. so we're trapped in that ecosystem

like it's nice for that stuff to be more accessible but especially now that microsoft owns github, i can't help but think of EEE

I still recommend Toki Pona in 76 illustrated lessons for starters

And the excellent Learn Toki Pona with Chris Youtube videos

Some other recommendations are findable at

#TokiPona #kama_sona #nasin_mi

Ahhhh the update just couldn't happen while I was at work, eh?

The local timeline is the lifeblood of our instance.

Local and federated timelines are core and essential features and Mastodon would be worse without them.

more pixel art #blaseball logos, this time including historical teams from season E. special thanks to and for helping me with the "beijing bicycles" team.

You can play Grounded for free for the next three days on Steam!

I'm not slurring my speech, I'm speaking in cursive.

The sound of rain through the open window is just divine.


The second shot kicked my butt. I've slept so much in the past 24 hours.

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