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New ads in today, for the BusConnect C Spine and the TFI 90 Minute Fare. (Both coming 28/11?)

Some of the pigeons in the city have unlocked really cool alternative skins

Oh great, they also removed the running total from the online transaction list. Manually importing recent transactions into YNAB just got 100x harder.

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If I was a bank, I would simply fuck around with my CSV export format for no reason.

COVID-19, Ireland 

Dublin's reopening motto of "We Can Again" is very appropriate given the emerging shape of this graph. We can infection wave again!

I hate how every recipe online starts with a dark chant that summons a kitchen-destroying imp. Just tell me how to make risotto, please.

An important yardstick for how much I care or notice or learn about something is the question "is this thing trying to kill me"

Ayy I finally figured out how to delete an house if you already deleted their Switch profile! Just start the game as a new profile that doesn't have a house, and they can link with the abandoned resident

@cb I just did a double take at your display name :blobcheeky:

Nice, I didn't miss out on the $10 PICO-8 bundle on

Just ordered a year's worth of weekly blade changes for €20. Safety razors are pretty nice!

Missed my chance to be an NFT for Halloween (spend the night pointing at pictures)

Taking tomorrow off because 5 day work weeks are bullshit

thought my h2o was past its "drink by" day. forgot it was 7up.

Woke up with big Fuck Around energy but unfortunately I think it's a Find Out kind of day.

spreading peanut butter on a granola bar

Dublin, can we get real benches at the bus stop please? Everything about this is hostile.

My 7 year old's first words when I woke him up were, "Well, here we go again." He's now ranting about his routine and how every day is the same, just classes, lunch, classes, home, rinse, repeat. 2 months in school and he's already complaining about the rat race.

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