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a good cloud insult is to say to another cloud "you absolute nimbus"

📢 Ten Forward PSA for other fediverse admins📢

Today I received a content removal request from Linode asking me to remove two moderation announcements, specifically:

Linode asked I remove the content in good faith but since it does not include a US court order they will not require me to do so.

I declined to remove the content.

Shoot, I forgot to test before heading into the office.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Has anybody seen my printer? :(

@annika we're in the middle of a pandemic. no handshakes pls

Flight Radar says these two planes, a 777 and a 767, were at 35,000 and 34,000 feet, respectively.

Just moved into that town from Fortnite. The 6-year-olds with rocket launchers are bad but honestly the HOA is the worst part.

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Ella Tiritiello - For A Better Day

Yeesh, $1,329 heating oil bill for our house back in New Hampshire, and that's just for the past 3 months.

To the left of the Luas driver, there is a long red rod called a "Points Bar." The driver uses this tool to make manual adjustments to "points" (railroad switches) on the track, using it for leverage to move the points.

Boring venting about couriers 

They rescheduled for today and said they would deliver in the morning, which I specifically asked about because I have to pick up my kids in the afternoon. So I cancelled my morning appointment and went all the way home, instead of the office closer to school.

They did not deliver in the morning, but called late enough in the afternoon that I would not be home to meet them. Because of course they did.

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OMG the light rail was JUST leaving as I got to the platform, like it actually moved, and the driver stopped and let me on at the complete opposite end of the train. What a legend.

The "90 minute fare" was a temporary €2.30, down from €2.60. The fare will change to €2.00 in "early May"

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Lots of activity at Connolly Station this morning. Folks in suits doing photo shoots with trams and buses, with garda and security moving people along. One of the buses says "Lower Fares" on its sign, and there was a big TFI logo that said 20%.

Imagine a world with no advertisements of any kind.

Food, kids 

It takes an hour to make dinner but only 2 seconds for your kids to tell you it's gross.

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