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Anyone have a queer-friendly guild I could join? I play in EU if that makes a difference.

I do think it's fun that what3words lets you just click around and area and pick a fun sounding location. Like yeah meet me at ///normal.vest.habit

Whomst among you has experience using a CPAP machine? Asking for @AzureKingfisher who's having trouble sleeping with one and is at wit's end and exhausted :( (Hence me sending out the request for help as they're out of spoons). Any help appreciated, thank you! <3

I solved Redactle Unlimited in 28 guesses with an accuracy of 71.43% and a time of 00:04:21. Play at

Logseq is cool but I miss my wiki (specifically, I miss my knowledge base being available on any device)

The Bank of Amontillado. What's in your wall?™

Aibohphobia – fear of palindromes
Ailihphilia – love of palindromes

it's totally my fault for clicking around too fast but it's no wonder amazon is eating everybody's lunch. every time i try to shop "locally," it feels like i'm punishing myself

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wow i accidentally plugged my old address into a Currys order and neither Currys nor DPD is able to do anything (so far) to resolve this. it hasn't even shipped yet but they're just pointing fingers at each other

Text message short codes are so funny. I can text the same number to get a free Bible or report anti-social behaviour on the train.

Nocturnal emissions? No, I don't drive at night.

uspol, emissions, corn 

"The average ethanol plant chuffed out 1,187 metric tons of carbon emissions per million gallons of fuel capacity in 2020, the latest year data is available. The average oil refinery, by contrast, produced 533 metric tons of carbon."

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