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Hey folks who Use Twitch, And Have Twitch Prime!!

Twitch has a SALE going on for Prime Users: 500 bits for $0.99 (one-time per account).

That is cheaper than buying 100 bits!!

Take this opportunity to get some cheap bits you can throw at your favorite streamers on #Twitch

Thank you @ishara for the tip

#gameingparty #tipyourfriends

Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost:

PROTIP: write your C++ code in a subset compatible with a regular C compiler for easy to read code

Warcraft zone scaling is such a huge quality of life improvement. I left the Pandaren starting zone at like, level 18 or something? I'm at level 41 now, just working through quests in Northern Barrens and Ashenvale. No more being forced out by gray mobs and quests.

Just turned off my RT-N66U + Tomato Shibby AP. It's been a little workhorse but felt flaky recently. The new Ubiquiti UniFi is a dream, though.

RT Privacy cannot exist without free/open software. This is why ProtonMail is Open Source!

Wow the last ICANN meeting was in Abu Dhabi? Not a lot of queer folks involved in ICANN, I guess?

I finally killed some old deadname "custom" Google URLs that had previously been immutable. Recreating them, YouTube is still holding onto the deadname, and Google+ is forcing me to add a suffix to my name? Better than having the old ones around, I guess.

That Flickr URL will outlive us all, though.

Remember when SB Nation, a sports news site, published a lengthy transmedia fiction project on sentient satellites watching football in the very, very distant future? How come that didn't become a trend?

I definitely missed breakfast this morning. I feel 10x better after having some protein at lunch.

Tired: Dunbar's number
Wired: Memorizing all your friends' time zones, sleep schedules, and DND settings for multiple apps

How do you feel about triggering notifications on your friends' phones? Is it your responsibility to keep track of their time zone and waking/daylight hours, or their responsibility to manage their own do-not-disturb settings?

don't boost things that need a CW but don't have one

Finally saved up for a new access point! Gonna replace this RT-N66U + Tomato Shibby with a Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro AP.

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