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An enormous thank you to everyone who tuned in to today's stream. We learned a whole lot, had a complete blast and raised $11,759.90 for @TransLifeline! Safe to say Rustproof Bee Shed was a success!

And of course, we'll see you all for @DesertBus on November 13th!

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I am producing a 6 hour charity variety show today at 3pm “Rust Proof Bee Shed” to raise money for Trans Lifeline with my friends at @loadingreadyrun - please come watch it. P.S. this is totally NOT a @DesertBus test! Twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun

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This afternoon at 1:00PM Pacific join @James_LRR @WakeUpSuper @jrhwhite @sergeyager @coachNellyMTG @Matt_LRR @MyLifeAsJoeKim @El_Funko @RayFK @ashtonc for a afternoon of Valorant 5v5 shenanigans!


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I collaborated with awesome photographer @ashtonc@twitter.com last year in my first time ever modeling experience. I chose Death of Sandman fame!

Gonna be playing some Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer w/ my friends at @loadingreadyrun@twitter.com at 5pm (Pacific) tonight: twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun

The end of another @DesertBus@twitter.com run, and once again I can't believe how much money was raised. I am truly in awe of this community. Thank you, thank you, thank you to /everyone/ that contributed to make this $864,415 total a reality 💙

We're running back this Desert Bus for Hope thing again! 2 hours into this week-long event, and we've already raised $31,000! Head over to desertbus.org, claim a shift as your own, bid on a bunch of frantic prizes, and donate for the kids!

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I have more to say. I will always have more to say: no summary could ever do justice to the five years of abuse I suffered in my relationship with James Portnow of @ExtraCreditz@twitter.com. But I am tired now, so here's what has been said so far (by me and others): twitter.com/i/moments/10084041

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100% this. The attitude @ExtraCreditz@twitter.com had while I worked for them was: "We like to think of ourselves as one big happy family".

Breaking News: Big Happy Families don't treat one another the way I found out James Portnow did. A thread. twitter.com/ashtonc/status/116

Re: game industry abusers, remember when James Portnow of @ExtraCreditz@twitter.com was outed as an abusive harasser to little-to-no outrage? And then @globalgamejam@twitter.com put him on their board after repeatedly warnings about him? This is why victims expect nothing to happen when they speak out.

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Some choice photos from March's OVERFLOW #005: A Steven Universe Spectacular! ft. @aivisura@twitter.com / @Rekcahdam@twitter.com & @JayAndromeda@twitter.com / @AdrianTalens@twitter.com / @MattGraveyBoat@twitter.com ! viz by Base64.

📷 Photos courtesy of @ashtonc@twitter.com.

More photos here:


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