I'm putting all the music recommendations I've posted in the last few years in one place, for those of you who like them.
There's so much good music in the world.

There's some pop and not-pop. If not-pop intimidates you, I wrote an essay for you here:
Core point is circa the middle of the page, in the largest font Medium would let me use.


∙ An Armenian Violinist; Google will veto your efforts to search for her youtube.com/watch?v=J926pOm0gd

∙ Requiem by an Armenian composer youtube.com/watch?v=yUoINWiTqZ

∙ For solo violin, string ensemble, and electronics nonclassical.bandcamp.com/albu

∙ 3 pieces by Caroline Shaw xoxo.zone/@b/10299652532931399

∙ A song from 2011 that is now a protest song youtu.be/iAgiK07Py9M

∙ A Dominican llorona youtube.com/watch?v=7qUytGoNHM

∙ The Dominican llorona's father youtube.com/watch?v=SAOeDmbEze

∙ Finnish concerto for birds & orchestra youtube.com/watch?v=TO3YRZWLvQ

∙ From a Pulitzer-prize winning piece on US slavery youtu.be/YlWwUqH8UOk?t=40

∙ Speculative fiction by Miguel m.youtube.com/watch?v=KeKKPjG_

∙ Quarantine song lizlandau.bandcamp.com/track/q

∙ Collected songs where every verse is filled with grief, performed by a string quartet. youtube.com/watch?v=EMutgHPc4x

∙ Vespers for violin, by my fave NY hipster composer

Here's Victoria Borisova-Ollas's "Kingdom of Silence". Her kingdom is more "The final frontier" than "4m33s".



Maybe it's just my own feeds, but I feel like passacaglia are having a moment. Here's one by Daniel Pioro: danielpioro.bandcamp.com/track

Tho, the whole album is great.

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