I'm going to re-up this Muppet dialogue I posted in November of last year because I still can't believe that script writers wrote this and a cast and crew made this happen. I put it in the background on a loop now and then.

Audio only, or here's where I tweeted the video: twitter.com/b__k/status/136077

While I'm on a Netrunner kick, my favorite character/mechanic integration in any game is Andromeda, the disposessed aristotcrat. Normally you draw an initial five-card hand, but as an aristocrat, she starts the game with extra cards.

[More on the game in our article wired.com/story/inclusive-cybe ]

Here's the party in DC. In the background of the first photo, the Motion Picture Assoc. of America being inexplicably scared of people celebrating.

Left my guitar capo elsewhere ⇒ Amateur musician achievement unlocked.

It works great---the song I'm working on is on fire today.

Here's my Nintendo Entertainment System. It's more complex than the standard (aka French suit) Western cards and has fewer associated games. I want to design more.

It's on the edge of memory so I can't be sure, but I think I went up this as an infant.

A rooftop view during a lull between marches.

Update from DC: city is painting the largest BLACK LIVES MATTER msg they can on 16th Street

O cool somebody left a monitor on the free table downstairs, all I have to do is go out to the store and buy a few cables and plug it---oh.

This Washington Post map of the prevalence of coronavirus looks pretty darn dire, until you see that there are two cases detected in South America, and another two in all of Russia.

Looks like I still have some cash from before the economy collapsed.

Here's a tourist pic from Amsterdam. It's a majority-bike city, but any mass-scale private infrastructure still engenders scenes like these.

Contractor: Look, Mr Owner, the form gave you a space for a fractional address like 1315 1/2, and you wrote in 1315 0/0. I did _exactly_ what you asked for.

This is the actual logo for a math education program.

Trying to imagine having a single canine tooth that grows so uncontrollably that it pierces through my lip and keeps growing straight forward until it's longer than my head. Would I never feel comfortable, would I get used to it quickly?

Anyway, narwhals: unicorns of the sea. They're adorable.

Not feeling great about the project I'm working on at the moment.

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