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Statements like "Please stay home due to the pandemic situation" are a little more fun if you define "pandemic" as "of or relating to pandas".

There's a think piece to be written about how so many programs and web sites have a dark mode now.

However, they stopped short of apologizing for their part in legitimizing frequentist statistics.

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Does he write his name as "George RR Martin" so it sounds like "JRR Tolkein"? If so, how do you all feel about it? Pretentious? a nice homage?

Those online forms where you pick only one option from a list are called "radio buttons", because they're an emulation of car radios.

Everybody expects me to celebrate Saint Valentine's day even thought I'm Jewish, but I didn't see any Catholics making a fuss about Tu B'Shvat.

Lately my distraction has been going to and typing in the first word that comes to mind. The stream of things people think are worth making and selling is always 🤯.

The Economist, worldwide circulation, print + digital: 1.6 million

@dril's twitter follower count: 1.6 million

While I'm on a Netrunner kick, my favorite character/mechanic integration in any game is Andromeda, the disposessed aristotcrat. Normally you draw an initial five-card hand, but as an aristocrat, she starts the game with extra cards.

[More on the game in our article ]

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RT @thegallowboob
this forest noise amplifier is what my life has been missing

Retoot if you think the "RT if you agree with what I'm saying" format is manipulative.

It's not if it's not inclusive and anti-establishment. Here's an article from me and my podcast co-host about the fight for what our dystopian future will look like:

We wrote the sea shanty at the end of this week's game theory podcast months ago. Never expected we'd be trendy when we finally got it recorded.

I am in love with the Ardour audio workstation. It's such a leveling up from Audacity or Garage Band and I just plain feel like a badass using it. But yes, you will have to RTFM.

The price list is also a good idea for free software: If you can compile it yourself, it's free, and if you want the labor value added of pre-compiled binaries, it's pay-what-you-will.

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🧆 emoji renderings in order of deliciousness:
Slack > Firefox > Twitter > Facebook

Now and then I search birdsite for 🧆 and give non-romantic hearts or RTs to all the great falafel pix.

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