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Twitter didn’t implement a dislike button because that’s the default.

‪“…the thing about lying online is that once you start, it’s almost impossible to prove that you’ve stopped;”

My kitchen timer just said “If you want to listen to a podcast, just ask.”

“Do not think that thoughtful design is just for the elderly, or the sick, or the disabled. In the field of design, this is called ‘inclusive design’ for a reason: It helps everyone.”


On Multiple discovery vs plagiarism: “The fact of the matter is that with over 321 million monthly users on Twitter, and seemingly 60% of them budding comedy writers, the creation of the same jokes based on the day’s news is reaching staggering numbers.” — @ConanOBrien

File under digital tchotchkes: “a stock image that was used to create the ad for the ECMA program, and was not intended to be used as a functional QR code.”

“The metadata — who, or what (as in a business), you’re talking to, and even where you are or what time the conversation is taking place as it comes together with other pieces of information — provides more than enough information to make a very educated guess about what you’re interested in, to the point that knowing specifically what you are saying adds almost nothing.”

I won a tote bag 


People talk but nothing says growing up like my taste in music:
• i just did a bad thing (bill wurtz)
• Peppermint (Jack Stauber ft. Lexy)
• THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie ft. Schmoyoho)

Now, about that Wikileaks business model…is really all about saving a ton on office space and printing?

What’s the best way to get a home surveillance device with a bad mono speaker made by a global multinational funded with the potential royalties owed to songwriters and musicians?

You run into a consequence of your actions. You decide to:
• Hit the dirt
• Pound sand
• Bang the gravel

Tucker Carlson 

Solid evidence every TV show, Movie, and Commercial are all in the same Cinematic Universe:

Unpaid Promo 

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