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Twitter didn’t implement a dislike button because that’s the default.

Great deal on some Reckless Few pub crawl t-shirts.

‪Flushing a Lysol® wipe is basically admitting you have two problems.‬

Finally, people are talking about a living wage and free healthcare for oil.

“It feels like people have always been ill-equipped to handle and manage their family’s biological well-being…it’s like we need to ideate some sort of a ‘system’ to ‘care’ for our ‘health’. With your investment and lack of regulatory intervention, we here at Crypto-to-the-Grave…”

What do you mean the place where people unrestrictively post unvarnished truth, manipulatively crafted fictions, random non-contextualized jokes, and publicly push through phases of mental instability and suffering has become unruly, unpredictable, and upsetting to everyone else?

“If one or two studies were to appear suggesting that the prices here are higher than others, I think it would be reasonable to question them…

Virtually every independent report that I’ve come across points to the same conclusion. So when you see, over time, reports using different methodologies, constantly pointing to the same thing, it lends credibility to those reports.”

That’s worth at least a zipchen of scene points for sure!

US Politics 

Where is the best place to get comprehensive war insurance?

‪ m a t c h b o x m a t c h b o x ‬

Sad that dad is missing out on politicians complaining about things being too political on what would have been his birthday.

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