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Twitter didn’t implement a dislike button because that’s the default.

🎉 Whatever party or candidate you vote for, remember the last Royal Canadian Air Farce New Year’s Eve special will air on December 30th, 2019 🎊

For anyone looking for Target’s international site … “we’ve temporarily taken down the Borderfree website while the technical issues are being fixed.”

Bus driver: “Don’t take this the wrong way but are you a senior?”

The one day I don’t wear AirPods.

Behaviour can be unprecedented, mean-spirited, dishonest, confusing, ill-advised, unethical, inhumane, ignorant, conspiratorial, insulting, arrogant, misleading, unconstitutional, or even criminal while remaining totally “on brand” for celebrities, business people, and politicians.

Contains random SPAM I received 

My first book will be a collection of random 500 word essays I wrote in order to enter contests without necessarily making a purchase.

I got my first, “So, you here with your granddaughter?” at the playground.

Coincidentally, I also now know more about local property value in 1981, reluctant church fundraising, community garden irrigation, and infant mortality.

It always sucks when Scotiabank disables the online “acces” for an account I don’t have for a security precaution.

‪I’m here for the Five Guys and Five Fishermen disambiguation on Argyle Street in Halifax.

A vote for Frederick George Lays is a vote for the tried and true rural Nova Scotian conservative values of being able to change your name to better fit the demographics of Nashville reality TV.

Abuse/Jeffrey Epstein 

So, am I supposed to believe the Years and Years timeline featuring Vivienne Rook’s ascension to power is somehow worse compared to one where Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister?

R.I.P. Rutger

22-MAY-10: Hobo with a Shotgun star Rutger Hauer introduces a Thrillema screening of The Hitcher (1986) with Hobo director Jason Eisener at Park Lane.

“They warned me not to get a chicken bag of wood.”

That movie “Yesterday” except it’s called “Today” and I’m the only one who remembers the Smashing Pumpkins but people are suspicious I’d sing a teen anthem from a 3-year-old’s perspective.

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