R.I.P. Rutger

22-MAY-10: Hobo with a Shotgun star Rutger Hauer introduces a Thrillema screening of The Hitcher (1986) with Hobo director Jason Eisener at Park Lane.

🔥 Circa 1950, this Little Golden Book reprint only features male firefighters 🚒


Blink and you’ll miss us… a screen cap of us checking out the “Dear Future Me” installation from the 2018 recap video. youtube.com/watch?v=AKBjQzK11N

Hmm, @hfxgov@twitter.com’s random overlapping choices fail to cover all options in a mutually exclusive way:

🔘 0-260 times/year
🔘 60-120 times/year
🔘 10-25 times/year
🔘 26+ times/year


"In all those years at school, not once did I take a class that taught me how to make a complex decision, despite the fact that the ability to make informed and creative decisions is a skill that applies to every aspect of our lives." - @stevenbjohnson@twitter.com medium.com/s/story/farsighted-


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