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People talk but nothing says growing up like my taste in music:
• i just did a bad thing (bill wurtz)
• Peppermint (Jack Stauber ft. Lexy)
• THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie ft. Schmoyoho)

Now, about that Wikileaks business model…is really all about saving a ton on office space and printing?

What’s the best way to get a home surveillance device with a bad mono speaker made by a global multinational funded with the potential royalties owed to songwriters and musicians?

You run into a consequence of your actions. You decide to:
• Hit the dirt
• Pound sand
• Bang the gravel

Tucker Carlson 

Solid evidence every TV show, Movie, and Commercial are all in the same Cinematic Universe:

Unpaid Promo 

US Politics 

After some more conversations, billing for has been officially transferred to the @xoxo org. Many thanks to @andybaio and @andymcmillan for their continued support of this Mastodon server!

As before, I'll continue on as admin and instance maintainer, continuing the work started by @davidcelis.


“What Nova Scotian officials should have done upon learning about leaks in their own public records website’s problems was apologize to the public, thank the teen who found these gaping holes in their digital security practices, and implement proper restrictions to protect people’s private information.”

🔥 Circa 1950, this Little Golden Book reprint only features male firefighters 🚒

“Facebook is going to continue to exist as it has to date, as will Instagram, including all of the data collection and ad targeting that currently exist. The “Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking” is in addition to Facebook’s current products, not in place of. This is the mistake made by those that took Zuckerberg too seriously.”

The only way this could be a more Canadian political scandal is if someone actually apologized.

He has absolute authority to do the thing that happened that he said he never did.

Super Size Me but trying to live out of the Bayers Road Centre: Professional Business Campus for a month.

🎊📆 XOXO will return to Revolution Hall on September 5—8, 2019! We’ll announce our starting lineup and open registration early April. See you then!

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