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Wearing a subtle or coded "I'm an introvert! Help!" pin might be useful at conferences and stuff. Like, if the pin said "Stay at Home Club Member" and people knew what that meant, then extroverts would do their thing, and others might understand if I tried to make polite conversation but then just plumb forgot how words worked.

@boodoo with CBTS, is there a way to specify the percent chance a specific alternative within a rule should be used? Or are alternatives random chance only?

She's alive, but waiting to add the non sequiturs after building up some real-sounding inspirational speak.

For virtual influencers, customer service chatbots, or audio AR games, good marketing makes products better.

Do any Mastodon clients bundle threads on the Home or Local tl so they can be read in chronological order? Or is there a bot like Thread Reader App?

Building a bot for daily affirmations, like: 'Always remember' + 'the wonder of' + '2 hours of free parking with your $10 purchase'.

Is there geocaching, a scavenger hunt, or an ARG at ?

호캉스 = 호텔 (hotel) + 바캉스 (vacance/vacation).

Talk about eventual consistency. I used @anildash's guide to reboot my Twitter account on Aug 10 and it took 3 weeks for my Home feed to finally reflect my changes and show me tweets from the five people I currently follow. Yikes.

I should be sleeping but Tomorrowland is on TV, and I'm an optimist.

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Giddily excited to announce Dropbox’s IGNITE engineering apprenticeship program. A six month program at our SF HQ to give folks a first step in a software engineering career. I’m pouring a lot of energy into making this a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow, with plenty of hands-on mentorship and support.

We’re especially excited to find engineers from social groups that are underrepresented in our industry.

What's your favorite swag you've received? Planning an event so looking for suggestions. Mine was a pair of really quality socks.

Any chance an "@xoxo on Mastodon" link can be added to the bottom of the official schedule at :xoxo_rainbow:

I cannot overstate how much I appreciate that Mastodon doesn't randomly spam followers when I star a post.

Big fan of the new high five emoji. :highfive:

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