(also h*ck — it’s day 3, and i’m finally calming down a bit! all the socials and art+code were really awesome for that.)

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prepping for the XR meetup, and having a mini-freakout-of-starstruckness about the idea of going to mozilla’s offices for it! 🙌💞🤣😭

Finally looked at airport-to-downtown transportation details today. Looks like there are trains! :D

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I basically haven’t prepared for the travel part whatsoever, beyond booking the flight and hotel. Thursday will be interesting!

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Things people said after hearing I’m attending XOXO:

- “is that like burning man?!”
- “it sounds like burning man”
- “pretty sure it’s like burning man”

afaik it is not like burning man in at least 85.44% of ways.

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XOXO friends, I just realized that the big show is next week! So excited!

relatedly: season 6 of ST:TNG has some heavy hitting episodes about ethics, human nature, and empathy. darmok and jalad at tanagra.

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