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Hi I’m Brook (she/her), and I’m a dyke who lives in Portland with a couple of cats. I write a lot— for links and podcast on (I guess we’re grown-ups now I travel a lot. I work for Turbine Labs in San Francisco, but remotely, and also maintain

So, so close to finishing The Bureau, which has been entertaining from start to end. I love a slow spy thriller.

Struggled to get into this but once I did I couldn’t stop and it kept me reading till 5am

I love my fishmonger so much! Also shout out to @haley’s passion fruit that’s in the cocktail in the back made with 黒糖焼酎

The air was very good so I had to go ride with @haley and @misandrelazar

Fireworks woke me up early this morning… I guess someone figured “fuck it, let’s start more fires”

How am I supposed to work when this cuteness is just right there?

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