I’m Charles, currently living in Portland, OR
and Head of Production at a product design and development studio here. I’m into my 15 month old, Orson; my wife, Caitlin; cooking; electronic music; and trying to be nice to people. I built a tiki bar in my back yard, but haven’t used it enough this summer because my kid doesn’t drink. Yet. He/him

@charlesv still struggling for how to find my tribe on here, so need to find the and crew but also and uh . Who’s the @fart of Mastodon?

@charlesv @microwavenby one of us could be the dril of mastodon

... a sea of endless opportunity 😂🙌

@charlesv I wish I was the @fart of mastodon but I'm more of a fellow @fart fan. I'm also a person, but I'm increasingly ambivalent to it. I'm looking for my people too. Hi!

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