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I’m back!!!!!!! New year new willenium

@JPEG @slinkie obviously your app so whatever ux you deem appropriate but I could see:

- Open app shows previous state
-pull to refresh or “new toots” loads first 20 and navigates to top
- as the user scrolls down it fills in the gap

Either way; thanks for mast! Excited to see it develop

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@JPEG @slinkie I believe is Tootdon loads the latest and scrolls to top then pages as you scroll. That way you always see latest and always get a filled out timeline. Would love to find a way to not have missing toots!

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I would
I would die for boosts
Baby if you want me: toot

baby pic this baby is good as hell

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✨📢 We've got an exciting announcement today! We're partnering with our friends at Kickstarter to build a new platform to help artists share their work, build community, and get paid:

@elle “this is my hole, it was made for me” is pretty dom tbf

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