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I’m calling the whole thing now; biden gets the nom and enough sanders supporters keep their pledge not to vote for him in the general and we lose to trump. The sanders base only gives a shit about tactical voting when they’re scolding super tuesday warren voters. I’ll take your bets if you think I’m wrong.

gotta remind myself every day to keep unlearning cruelty. it's always possible to love more deeply, and it's so so necessary


I just tried a White Claw and folks this shit straight sucks

uspol (repost with cw) 

As a longtime Bernie supporter, I used to scoff @ the idea that his abrasive fanbase could turn folx off from voting for him (unless they were just looking for an excuse anyways). But fuckin hell y’all, the last 2 weeks fully energized the psychotic asshole wing of the party. Can’t even have a conversation with people I *agree* with. Might have to check out of all podcasts & social media for the next 11 months, just so I can maintain any enthusiasm for his actual candidacy

Ok, but the pronoun stickers used by the America Chemical Society are actually badass?

Still hearing people in the year of our lord 2020 say that Sorkin’s “Studio 60” failed because the show within the show wasn’t funny.
It wasn’t supposed to be funny, it was supposed to be SNL.

a lwayer 🤝 a lawyer
being able to settle a dispute

malware authors today don't even include ASCII art of laughing skulls in their viruses. where is their respect for the craft

Awww, I got a shoutout on Gruber’s podcast! That’s super nice. (Thanks for the link, @churl!)

Ok I got tired of manually baffling my squirrels so I gave in and bought a squirrel baffler

So this just happened:

Me: “I’d like to order a pizza to pick up”

Pizza shop: “Sure, what name will this be under?”


“I’m sorry?”

“My name is Jesse”

“Can you say it again?”

(Slowly) “Jesse”

“...That’s your name?”


“Your name is ‘just beef’?”


“Your name is JUST BEEF?”

“..........No? It’s Jesse. Like, j-e-s-s-e”


*slaps roof of stigma* this bad boy can fit so many Discriminating against someone on the basis of their labels in it

“Gamer Goo” 

@joshmillard previous tweet was an aborted MetaFilter comment so you can thank me later for just shaking my head and closing THAT tab

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“Gamer Goo” 

Folx on MetaFilter debating whether or not this is Peak Stunt as if six dozen redditors aren’t already composing straightfaced reports of how it worked when they squirted a glob in their fleshlights

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